Wet Room vs. Bathroom – Which is Best for Me?

If you are considering a bathroom upgrade, you might be thinking about having a wet room. The trend for these spa-like bathrooms is increasing, but in making an informed decision, you need to know the pros and cons of each bathroom, which this blog will explore.


Costs Of Wet Room Vs Bathroom

One of the primary considerations when considering upgrading your bathroom is the cost. Of course, figures differ widely around the country and in the quality and standard of the work done. If performed by an experienced bathroom installer, then you are looking, on average, around £5,000 – £12,000. On average, a traditional bathroom can cost around £2,000 – £7,500.


Accessibility of Wet Room Vs Bathroom

One reason many people are moving toward wet rooms is the accessibility of the rooms, in contrast to a bathroom with a bath, sink, shower and toilet installed. Making use of these facilities can be difficult for the disabled. A wet room is a room that contains a shower with no threshold. Instead, the floor is sloped to allow water to go down a drain. Toilets and sinks tend to be wall mounted to keep the room an open space.


Functionality Of A Wet Room Vs A Bathroom

We have seen that wet rooms are popular for their spa-like, even zen atmosphere. They are also beneficial for disabled users. However, you need a space big enough to function as a wet room, and it has to be made watertight. In addition, wet rooms get wet and become quite humid areas. Although obvious, this can cause some difficulties. For instance, if this is your main bathroom, when you have guests over, they will have to use it, so unless you always want to have some plastic shoes for them to walk into the wet room with, they will be entering in bare feet or their shoes. Plus, the humidity of wet rooms means you must have articles like towels hidden away as they will constantly damp. You also must consider storage that can cope with this humidity and damp atmosphere. 


Mould Problems In Either Bathroom

While every bathroom can suffer from mould, it is an increased risk in a wet room. It would help if you had good ventilation to keep this pest at bay; even then, it is something you must constantly watch out for. While it is easier to clean a wet room, keeping it dry can be a problem


Which Bathroom Do You Choose?

This, of course, is a personal choice. Installing either bathroom will add value to your home. For a disabled person, a wet room offers far more access, but you must have a big enough space to turn it into a wet room. There is also much more flexibility in setting the wet room up. However, traditional bathrooms have different styles, and you can renovate in the fashion to your own taste for less cost than a wet room. Maintenance of both is required but more so for a wet room. 

Want to discuss your choices for wet room or bathroom renovation? Please give us a call. We have considerable experience and expertise with both styles and can help determine if you can change to a wet room and provide quotes for both.


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