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Kitchen Fitting Stamford

If you’re searching for skilled kitchen fitters in Stamford, look no further than Whittlesey Bathrooms and Kitchens. Our team of professional specialists are dedicated to providing you with your dream kitchen at an affordable price. With over 40 years of experience in the kitchen industry, we have seen it all and take pride in delivering a high standard of customer service.

Our kitchens are crafted using only the highest quality appliances and materials available on the market, ensuring not only a visually stunning result but also a fully functional kitchen that you, your family and friends will love. The fitters at Whittlesey Bathrooms pay attention to every detail to create the perfect kitchen for you.

Our passion for kitchen design, planning, and creation is evident in the hard work we put into every project. With a reputation for excellence, our previous customers have recommended us time and time again to their friends and family.

So why wait? Choose Whittlesey Bathrooms and Kitchens to fit your new kitchen, or visit our kitchen showroom in Peterborough for design inspiration.

Our Service Includes

Our Kitchen installation process

All in the Plan

When it comes to creating a kitchen that meets your family's specific needs, it's important to take your time and plan carefully. Working closely with one of our specialists can help you explore a variety of design options and ultimately achieve better results.

Choose your doors

Once you've settled on a door style, the next step is to choose the perfect colour. We provide a range of six different price options for doors, so you can select the one that best fits your preferences and budget.

Select Storage

We offer various options to help you choose storage solutions that cater to your specific needs. From pull-out storage to rotating carousels, you have the freedom to select the option that best suits your preferences and requirements.

What worktops?

At our company, we provide a broad selection of worktops to choose from, such as laminate, granite, and quartz. With limitless options for colors and combinations, you can pick the perfect worktop that complements the design and style of your kitchen.

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