How Much Do Kitchen Fitters Charge?

It’s exciting deciding to have a new kitchen. Project managing the refitting of your kitchen? Maybe not as exciting as it can be hard work, mainly keeping to a budget! You start with good intentions, but then you like one appliance better than the other, and it’s only a ‘few pounds extra’. Those extra pounds add up, and before you know it, you are over budget. 

There are many aspects to managing a budget for your new kitchen. For the first task, you must decide your limit. Then you have to work within it to avoid the above scenario. One of the biggest outlays after your units is the kitchen fitter. 

Please remember we are currently in a cost of living crisis with everything going up in price. Plus, some appliances might not be available if manufactured abroad. Transport is one of the major problems we are facing in the UK. The figures we mention below are indicators of current prices and should always be confirmed. Plus, prices in London and the South can be significantly higher than the ones we are quoting.

What Your Kitchen Fitter Will Charge For

Your kitchen fitter is not your project manager, and he will let you know what jobs he will and won’t do. For example, most kitchen fitters will facilitate the removal of your original fittings. He will not, however, do any wall repairs or plastering. If this is needed, you will have to employ a plasterer. 

Most fitters will provide a ‘dry fit. He will build your units and install your appliances alongside this. Note, however, that a kitchen fitter will not connect appliances. You will need specific, qualified tradespeople for gas, water and electric connections, another cost for your budget.

A Kitchen Fitters Rates

An estimate of the average cost of employing a kitchen fitter will be around £1,750. If a daily rate is agreed, that can be between £120 and £240 for an 8-hour day. If you want an hourly rate that currently comes at around £35 an hour. 

You are best to ask for a breakdown of what the kitchen fitter will do for the money. Doing this lets you see what gaps must be filled and add this to your budget. Getting quotes from several tradespeople for every job they are required for is the best option—time-consuming—unfortunately, yes, but necessary if you want to stay within budget.

If you want a direct quote from us, contact us now for more information.

Kitchen Refurb Prices

Your kitchen’s cost depends on your lifestyle, budget, and layout. For example, a family kitchen where mum likes to cook would be about 40-50% of your budget. On the other hand, basic units would probably be ok for those who eat out or like takeouts. So you are then looking at about 10-20% of your budget.

As you can see there is a lot of expense to buying a new kitchen, even your skip for removing the old one needs adding to the budget, about £350 for 7-days. If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, an alternative would be to chat with us at Whittlesey Bathrooms. When we undergo a kitchen refurb, we undertake all of the work, including,

  • Designing the new kitchen
  • Removal of old kitchen
  • Fitting new kitchen units and worktops
  • Plumbing work
  • General building work
  • Electrics/Gas
  • Plastering
  • Wall & floor tiling

We can work with your budget and give you peace of mind about the quality of your kitchen, fitting, and appliances.

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